Anogeia is the “Upper Land” not only of Psiloritis Mountain but also of all Crete. It is not just a wonderful place lying in an ancient route, running through valleys and hills that has remained unchanged throughout time.

Anogeia 1927

“It is the first place you meet, when you descend from heaven”, the famous Greek songwriter Loudovikos of Anogeia proudly says. Although, these words may sound quite undue or exaggerated, it is true that they carry a mysterious secret; this secret suggests an invisible thread uniting this amazing place with a divine quality. It might also suggest the deep and irresistible influence of Psiloritis Mountain, the so called “Mother Earth” that gave birth to the Greek myths and was worshiped by the Minoans as the Great Mother. Still, the Cretans never felt that it surpassed the measure and size of human beings. The greatness of the ancient Gods of Crete lies in the fact that they never forgot their human origin. The Anogeians, who are convinced they originate from the ancient Cretans, feel untamed and very proud of their place. They live with a code of strict traditions and exhibit rare virtues. The Anogeians are influenced by the rugged mountainous environment and are accustomed to surviving in difficult conditions. The route to Anogeia reveals the dual nature of Crete.  On the one hand, travelling through the valleys of Tylissos or Mylopotamos, you realize the fertile, feminine side of Crete, which as Mother Earth, gives birth to myths and legends that accompany its inhabitants for centuries. If you reach Anogeia and look south, on the other hand, you will see the imposing massif of Idi, as Psiloritis was called in ancient times, that hosts an entirely different world, another kind of image, more of a male nature. These two different sides of Crete have for centuries an ongoing, productive dialogue, which is necessary for the existence of that critical, natural and spiritual, equilibrium. In Anogeia you feel that ancient Crete revives in the daily routine of its inhabitants, in their festivals and songs, in their myths, in their ancestral memory of the world that has been built around the word: pride and decency. In Anogeia you will realize why Psiloritis is the soul of Crete, a soul that permeates the human existence and gives it a special course.