21 May 2024
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Καλωσήρθατε στην ενότητα των Δημοτών

Today, Anogeia is a modern settlement, with a strong traditional color in every aspect of its inhabitants’ daily life. It is a distinct tourist destination with a rich folk tradition, a long history, and many natural and historical attractions.

A place that can narrate to you and sing you stories from the upbringing of Zeus, the life of the Kouretes, Minoan Crete, and the struggles for freedom. Modern hotels and guesthouses offer the visitor all the comforts of accommodation and make Anogeia a special choice for holidays all year round. In the summer, the eternal mountain is full of beautiful corners waiting to be discovered, and the village is full of flowers, songs, company, and serenades. In winter, Psiloritis “wears” its majestic white dress, and its snow gives it a form closer to its “divine” dimension.

It is the time when Anogeia is an ideal choice for endless play in the snow, offering at the same time the conditions for a different escape from everyday life with good company, exquisite traditional food, and special moments of contact between people with the aroma of old good wine and the warmth of raki.

In Anogeia, you will find accommodation options for all tastes and budgets, which meet your needs and requirements, always with warm and friendly service and traditional homemade hospitality.

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