21 May 2024
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Καλωσήρθατε στην ενότητα των Δημοτών

In the broader mountainous area of the municipality, there are significant geological formations that contribute to the presence of karstic formations.

Apart from the beloved caves Kamaraiko (administratively belonging to the Municipality of Tympaki) and Idaion Andro in the area of Anogeia, a large number of cave pits known as Tavkoures or Tavkoi are developed, constituting the subject of interest for significant speleological missions, both Greek and foreign. Many of them remain unexplored. Among the already explored, the most significant are:

“Tafkoura” Chasm Cave

It is located at “Petradolakia” location at an altitude of 1.480m. Tafkoura Cave was recently explored by French and Greek speleologists and, so far, it is the largest chasm cave explored in Greece and one of the largest in the world. It is 810m deep and the total length of its paths network exceeds 5km. Its magical world hides entire rivers, lakes, amazing tunnels, and enchanting passages.

Cave at “Koritsi”

This is a cave with stalagmites, large tunnels, and underground rivers. It is 200m deep and located at Koritsi (3km to the left along the road leaving Zominthos). The cave is visitable up to a depth of 25m.

Psakofarango Gorge

Psakofarango lies between the peaks of Skinakas in the east and Mavro Koumo in the west and it is essentially this geological formation that, after crossing the Rouvas forest as a torrent, is transformed into the gorge of Agios Nikolaos Zaros, the most important gorge of Mt. Psiloritis and central Crete. Despite its small size, Psakofarango is an ecosystem with rich flora and fauna, gorges and interesting geological formations and crags of rare beauty, ideal for mild outdoor and recreational activities, such as hiking mountaineering, climbing, nature appreciation and wildlife observation in a truly unique environment.

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