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Holocaust Commemoration Events at Anogeia

Anogeians wrote history during the Second World War, with their heroic resistance against the Nazis. In August 1944, the 3rd holocaust of Anogeia took place (The previous two were in 1822 and 1867). It started on the 13th of August and lasted until the end of the month. Anogeia was a centre for British espionage and a guerrilla hub, and it was also the stopover for German General von Kraippe when he was abducted. For all these reasons the razing of Anogeia and the execution of all male inhabitants of the village was ordered. German soldiers destroyed the village with unbelievable savagery till nothing was left standing; they looted, blew up houses, schools, and dairy farms, executed those inhabitants who had not taken refuge to guerrilla shelters on inaccessible parts of Mt. Psiloritis and stole the herds of Anogeia shepherds. In mid-August (around the Feast of Dormition on 15 August), Anogeia hosts anniversary events commemorating the 3rd Holocaust. Events include music and dance performances, speeches, drama performances, etc. Usually, the events are hosted at village squares or at “Nikos Xylouris” open-air theatre. Today Anogeia is a member of the “Martyred Villages and Cities of Greece in the period 1940-1945”, titled “Greek Holocausts”.


Of the German Commander of the Garrison of Crete

Since the town of Anogeia is a centre of the English espionage in Crete, since the Anogeians carried out the murder of the sergeant of the Yeni-Gave garrison and the garrison itself, since the Anogeians carried out the sabotage at Damasta, since the andartes of various resistance bands find asylum and protection in Anogeia, and since the abductors of General Kreipe passed through Anogeia, using Anogeia as a stopping place when transporting him, we order its RAZING to the ground and the execution of every male Anogeian who is found within the village and within an area of one kilometre round it.

                                                                               Chania, 13 – 8- 44.

The Commander of the Garrison of Crete H. Muller

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