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Mt. Psiloritis Natural Park – UNESCO World Geopark


Mt. Psiloritis Natural Park was founded in 2001 by AKOMM-Mt. Psiloritis Developmental Company S.A. with the scientific support of the Natural History Museum of the University of Crete.
Due to its rich geodiversity, its beautiful landscape and the area’s undeniable history and tradition, Mt. PsiloritisNatural Park was included, ever since its foundation, in the European Geoparks Network and, a little later, in the UNESCO World Geoparks Network, thus promoting the global recognition of this beautiful land. Since then, Mt. Psiloritis Natural Park, in cooperation with the Municipalities of the broader region and other competent bodies, has been developing the appropriate necessary infrastructure to ensure high living standards in a model
natural environment for its visitors and its permanent inhabitants. Today, Mt. Psiloritis Natural Park is an active participant in global efforts for the conservation and enhancement of the environment, natural and cultural heritage, as well as sustainable local development through geotourism and other forms of alternative tourism. Mt. Psiloritis Natural Park includes the entire Psiloritis range, its foothills, and its northern extension to the Cretan Sea, as well as Mt. Kouloukonas or the Talaia range. The main components of Mt. Psiloritis Geopark are the geological monuments of the area, the exceptional wealth of its natural environment, the unique endemic species of the region and its cultural environment, i.e., civilisation, history, customs, and traditions, which reveal the long harmonious coexistence of man and nature on Mt. Psiloritis.

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