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Anogeia is a predominantly mountainous Municipality, occupying the central part of Mt. Psiloritis. It borders with the Municipality of Mylopotamos in the northwest, the Municipality of Malevizi in the east, the Municipalities of Gortyna and Phaistos in the south and the Municipality of Amari in the southwest. The central municipal unit is the historic town of Anogeia. The total area of the Municipality covers 104,860.55 stremmas (2,591,161 acres), most of which is classified as forest land with some of the largest forest complexes (mainly of kermes oaks) on Crete.

The wider area of the Municipality of Anogeia, which also includes the hamlet of Sisarcha, is famous for its wild flora and fauna, as well as its centuries old cultural heritage elements of exceptional interest spanning a period from the Minoan times to date.

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